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BriefMartha Beth Magruger was the our love and life – the center of our family. Unfortunately, Martha’s battle with cancer took her life. During her battle, we researched many different possibilities on how to combat Martha’s pain, CBD oil being the only treatment to actually work for her. In her […]

Magruger Organics Co.

Quackly is a conversational Ai plugin for modern code editors that helps developers to understand programming concepts. The name derives from rubber ducks that are often found on developers desks and are used as virtual comrade to explain programming concepts to. The founders are in need of a fresh and […]


Monogram identity for Preda-Popescu / – public notary.


Always a pleasure to work with the guys from Pure Indie Records. Records and analog-music-anything shop. A happy place for vinyl and music lovers, offering good vibes on the daily (as well as good wine and coffee of course). Be on the lookout for restored vinyl player setups! First album […]

Pure Indie Records