Magruger Organics Co.

Martha Beth Magruger was the our love and life – the center of our family. Unfortunately, Martha’s battle with cancer took her life. During her battle, we researched many different possibilities on how to combat Martha’s pain, CBD oil being the only treatment to actually work for her. In her honor, we have decided to start a CBD oil company. As a family with experience in treatments with the disease, we believe CBD is the safest & most organic pain treatment. We have dedicated our efforts to help people in her memory and ask you to join us in making this a better world.

In addition to a logo for our company, we would also like to see mockups of our logo on labels/label layout designs to get a better idea of how it will look post-production.
Fictional client – logo design competition

Magruger Organics Co. – brand identity intro
Packaging mockup – dropper 40ml

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