ARBO BIOSISTEM is a Romanian innovative start-up project in the food supplement market. Their mission is to help the inhabitants of our planet be healthier and happier. They seek to do this by researching and developing natural supplements; part of this is supported by their already-existing seabuckthorn crops. Most of the production is centered around seabuckthorn produce; other ingredients used are sesame, walnut, apple and sunflower.

Among their products you will find cold-pressed sunflower and walnut oil, and TONICMEM, a natural supplement made from seabuckthorn, walnut and sesame, aiding memory, cognitive and cardiac functions, overall wellbeing; plenty of vitamin C in that one as well.

ARBO also is planning to produce and commercialize seabuckthorn juice for general consumers as you will see in the packaging below. Seabuckthorne is an excellent vitamin C source and has been around in popular culture as a health enhancer for hundreds of years. The elder inhabitants of regions with seabuckthorn crops have recipes for alternative treatment with seabuckthorn for health benefits.

The branding objective was to come up with a recognizable brand that would stand out as different, on the store shelves and in the end consumer’s perception. The end result is a packaging that has bright, vivid colors and is supported by simple 2D illustrations of the fruits ’embedded’ in the contents of the bottles.

In 2020 a new packaging was released for the horeca sector, keeping the illustration style but including them in a softer, lighter layout with fewer elements and generally speaking a more premium feel, less cluttered. Mid-2020 there was also a pure seabuckthorn oil released, for which I had the privilege to design the packaging.

These last ones were made before the ARBO brand was introduced, so the visual style is different.

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