SMASHED! is a rage/destruction experience facility located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They were established in 2018 and is the second of its kind in the area. One of their primary goals was to surpass the offerings of its nearest competitor, ‘Break It’. SMASHED! offers multiple rage rooms where patrons can smash items such as bottles, plates, computer monitors, printers, TVs and an array of other items included in various packages. Or, if so desired, they may bring their own items to destroy. Certain packages even include having their experience recorded via video for future viewing enjoyment. As a unique experience the facility also offers soundproof scream rooms. From company team-building to fun for the whole family, there’s something for everyone at SMASHED!

While focused on providing an exceptionally safe, fun and fulfilling experience, SMASHED! did not place much emphasis on its brand identity. They now wish to do so starting with their logo. The logo will be utilized across virtually every facet of the business such as t-shirts, hats, business cards, letterheads, door decals, website, etc. The company has no set color scheme at this time, so the designer may play around with any colors they wish, but it is required to present the logo in black on a white background and vice-versa. The logo should be easy to read and easily identifiable. This is a base, primal experience, the logo should reflect such and not be overly complicated.

While it is not an absolute requirement, the owner is really into mockups and would love to see the submitted logo presented on a couple of real world applications relative to the intended purposes previously mentioned. Good luck!

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