KINDERWELT branding + deco + website

KINDERWELT Educational Center was born from the need for better extra-curricular education in Ploiești, Romania. It stands for a sunny future for our children. It aims to provide a fresh, modern attitude towards education and is doing so through their educational offerings – services like after-school, child parking, summer school and even theme parties for kids.
Value creation
The visual identity is centered around these core values. The central symbol to the branding system is the KINDERWELT logotype, custom made from scratch to fit the personality of the brand. The logotype is joined by a rising sun, speaking for the positivity and continuous character of the services provided. Underneath it you will often find, where fit, a complementary ‘educational center’ visual explanation, set in Montserrat typeface.
The supporting branding elements are 4 minimalistic shapes that manifest the core values – circle, square, triangle and plus. These shapes are suitable in the context of the business, symbolizing the step-by-step process involved in education, starting from the basics and evolving steadily towards a healthy, happy life.
Services provided for KINDERWELT included brand identity design (logo, versions, supporting elements, business cards, patterns, stationary), interior decoration (tree and shape elements – hand-painted) as well as website creation. Additionally, we created the social media channel and offered copywriting consultancy and implementation.



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