Pablo’s Pizza

Pablo Fitzpatrick is a fourth generation Hispanic-Irish pizza maker who wants to bring his family’s heritage recipes to the general public. He is seeking a logo and branding direction (restaurant space, menu, pizza box, etc…include at least one application of the logo on a piece of business collateral). The tagline does not need to be a part of the logo, but it should appear prominently on the application.

A successful logo will seamlessly blend Hispanic and Irish elements together without coming across as stereotypical or cliche. Due to the strong family heritage emphasis of this business, Pablo is most interested in logos that are wordmark or likeness based (he loves being his own mascot), but is open to consider other creative directions.

Motto: Home of the World Famous Street Corn Pizza

Stack of plain brown pizza boxes with one front facing box for display or advertising. Isolated on white background. Copy space.

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