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Within my creative studio I help people and brands connect to their audience through communication, most often typography-centric design and bespoke letterworks that breathe character into a brand's identity.

My approach to projects is to communicate intensively and trigger the client/partner to answer all revealing questions about the work in scope, in order to establish very well defined objectives. These in turn help develop bespoke strategy, which lead toward the right choice of expression/action created.

  • driven by a love for letters, type and visual expressions
  • born and raised in Romania
  • BA in Communication systems @ International Communication & Media at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands
  • minor in Marketing Management at Business Academy Southwest in Esbjerg, Denmark. I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Communication Systems
  • age 12 - experimenting with websites and HTML
  • learned the alphabet from a computer keyboard (not sure if this one is true)
  • age 14 - experimenting with graffiti
  • age 26 - experimenting with (almost) everything visual

Skills and previous practices

  • social media marketing / campaigns,
  • key visual creation,
  • videography (presentation videos)
  • sign painting
  • interior decoration / brush lettering / sign painting / calligraphy / typographic artwork
  • music artwork

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Let's talk!

WhatsApp me

mail  me@mateiradulescu.com
+40-754-028-144 (RO)


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