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what the hat

I was delighted to be invited by @what.thehat (@irina_ioanaa) 👒 to design an identity for her custom hats business. I thought the brand name is extremely catchy and cool. Sometime during the exploration phase I realised that the hat and the question mark that would normally follow after the name have common curves, so I quickly sketched the mark concept that you can see in the logo design. We found this idea very appropriate and decided to go for it.
I put my brushes to work to design the painted question/hat mark, which I then scanned and digitized. I pushed for a custom type for 'what the hat' (as I usually do) to join the mark, which eventually became like a signature over a stamp. The logotype started with pencil as per usual, then brushes and lastly, vectorized and digitally adjusted.
The other branding elements came naturally as we imagined a playful, colorful brand.
Consider following the creative process of @what.thehat and support your local homies/producers etc.! ♻️


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Strong&FitFactory is a training concept looking to bring well-being and strength in the life of customers. How? By over-delivering.

Not just training sessions. Nutrition plans. Home workout advice. Mental and spiritual care practices. A personal touch. Personalized solutions for every customer.

Why factory? Come in weak, get out strong and fit.

The challenge was to create a visual identity that would express dynamism and strength while not pushing away with heavy graphics. It also needed to be attractive to women of ages 20 to 50, so a rather broad scope was in place. The brief also included the word 'industrial', thinking of the positive transformation factory the business wants to be.

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BIBI Touroperator

Extensive PDF below with the rebranding project presented to and for BIBI Touring Touroperator, one of the leading national independent tourism agencies in Romania.
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Hand-lettered brush type using block style letters for this experimental restaurant in Manhattan. Check out the brief below.

Branding package includes just the logotype in different versions, as well as a menu mockup.

Cavelight is a small experimental restaurant located in the lower west side of Manhattan. Their head chef has won a James Beard Award and the restaurant has just received its first Michelin Star and so they feel like it's time for a rebrand.

The client wants to leave the design interpretation up to you with a few considerations in mind: nothing corny, nothing overly formal (but it still needs to feel upscale), no imagery of food in the design.
(fictional brief for


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Logofolio 2016-2020

This is my Logofolio v1 including works between 2016 and 2020 including. Many of the type work on these is custom made. Custom lettering is my weapon of choice when it comes to logotypes and I try to employ it whenever the context allows for it. Enjoy!

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BEST MOM EVER custom lettering piece

Commissioned piece - enamels, acrylic and metallic markers on 30x40 cardboard canvas.

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3D C lettermark

Birthday gift for my friend Cristi! Commissions welcome, hit me up if you want some custom artwork for someone special to you.


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Bit of photo manipulation 😎

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ABTSHOF Hotel***


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Simple logo and packaging mockup for b2b sanitizer company (the proposal did not go through

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TOOLBOX illustration

Cover artwork proposal for a music EP called Toolbox.

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Monoline calligraphic logotype for Laura Bîrsan lifestyle & health blogger. Simple, classy and fluent. Just like script lettering, of course.
Check out the process video!

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Custom type for @vamavechesocialclub. Prints available in the shop. Organic cotton, sustainable printing. Freedom.
Also painted a sign with the logo - enamel and acrylic on rough wood.


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Michael Oliver Tassman

Michael Oliver Tassman is an accomplished water color painter based out of San Diego, CA. He's renowned for his almost photo-realistic cityscapes rendered entirely in water color paints with a bit of a surrealistic twist. Geometry breaks down and shapes get exceedingly abstract at the perimeters of his compositions. His work has been featured in Juxtapoz magazine and has been shown in galleries all around the world.

As his work has started gaining a serious interest among collectors and he's looking to add a little flair to his finished pieces. He'd like to have a block initial logo lockup made for his name that reads MOT done in a style similar to Japanese Hanko stamps (but not in Japanese). Michael plans to have this logo carved into wood so he can stamp finished works in red ink.

Logo Battle #148 - "Michael Oliver Tassman"

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Packaging design for AloeUltra. This is a new sanitizer product with aloe vera extract, essential oils and silver particles. The challenge was to create a simple but striking branding in order for the product to be perceived truthfully - a high quality product that disinfects and sanitizes while protecting the skin.


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Pablo's Pizza

Pablo Fitzpatrick is a fourth generation Hispanic-Irish pizza maker who wants to bring his family's heritage recipes to the general public. He is seeking a logo and branding direction (restaurant space, menu, pizza box, etc...include at least one application of the logo on a piece of business collateral). The tagline does not need to be a part of the logo, but it should appear prominently on the application.

A successful logo will seamlessly blend Hispanic and Irish elements together without coming across as stereotypical or cliche. Due to the strong family heritage emphasis of this business, Pablo is most interested in logos that are wordmark or likeness based (he loves being his own mascot), but is open to consider other creative directions.

Motto: Home of the World Famous Street Corn Pizza

Stack of plain brown pizza boxes with one front facing box for display or advertising. Isolated on white background. Copy space.

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36 days of type

Here is my submission and collection for 36DaysOfType - an annual challenge that provokes creators and artists of all kinds to express their version of the characters in the Latin alphabet.
Hope you enjoy and let me know which one you liked most!

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KINDERWELT branding + deco + website

KINDERWELT Educational Center was born from the need for better extra-curricular education in Ploiești, Romania. It stands for a sunny future for our children. It aims to provide a fresh, modern attitude towards education and is doing so through their educational offerings - services like after-school, child parking, summer school and even theme parties for kids.
Value creation
The visual identity is centered around these core values. The central symbol to the branding system is the KINDERWELT logotype, custom made from scratch to fit the personality of the brand. The logotype is joined by a rising sun, speaking for the positivity and continuous character of the services provided. Underneath it you will often find, where fit, a complementary 'educational center' visual explanation, set in Montserrat typeface.
The supporting branding elements are 4 minimalistic shapes that manifest the core values - circle, square, triangle and plus. These shapes are suitable in the context of the business, symbolizing the step-by-step process involved in education, starting from the basics and evolving steadily towards a healthy, happy life.
Services provided for KINDERWELT included brand identity design (logo, versions, supporting elements, business cards, patterns, stationary), interior decoration (tree and shape elements - hand-painted) as well as website creation. Additionally, we created the social media channel and offered copywriting consultancy and implementation.



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Custom type which I decided to make available for print on T-shirts!

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Custom logotype for BACON, the new sports energy vitamin bar - no sugar, no bullsh*t. 100% organic!

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