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Custom type which I decided to make available for print on T-shirts!

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Some letterworks for practice!

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Packaging label design for CBD oil - natural remedy for cancer, nausea, schizophrenia, epilepsy, glaucoma etc.

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Visual identity design for DJ MADOC, a popular up-and-coming DJ in Esbjerg, Aarhus and the northern area of Denmark.


Branded Cap and T-shirt

dj madoc

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Event poster I made for Pure Indie Entertainment, who bring The Veils in concert to Romania.

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Slimey Seas Cream Ale

Logo design for a monthly design challenge  on Reddit. The purpose is to serve as packaging branding for a 'pirate beer' - Slimey Seas Cream Ale.

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Romania 10 Years in the EU celebration logo

A contest hosted by Reprezentanța Comisiei Europene în România (European Commission in Romania) to celebrate 10 years of Romania being a member of the European Union.
The logo requirements were to be unitary and recognizable, and to underline Romania's membership in EU. Sharing a common set of values, being memorable, creative, readable and relevant. To be versatile as in allowing to be used on different materials, from digital to print. (https://ec.europa.eu/romania/content/concurs_logo_romania_10_ani_in_ue)

Romania 10 Years in the EU

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MATEO letterworks - wallpaper / print

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