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Matei Rădulescu - branding consultant

Within my creative studio I help people & brands connect to their audience through visual communication, most often typography-centric design & bespoke letterforms that breathe character into a brand's identity.

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In over 6 years of design I got to work with many tools and methods. Some digital, some physical. It all started with graphic design - creating logos in Illustrator. Luckily, the projects I worked on took me a creative trip through different practices: web design, videography, animation, copywriting, social media marketing and even 3D modeling. Naturally, it always comes back to brand design and lettering projects.

In my work, it is important to be volatile enough to deliver a creative concept using whatever production medium the project requires. Pair it with fast learning, some tech(y) knowledge and a dedication to the process and we got a winning formula. This is why I try to stay open to every possibility and not get blinded by one practice or software.

Many clients contact me for custom lettering projects, many of which are later encased in logotypes and brand identity systems. Admittedly, the unique feel of custom typography is hard to replicate and can be fitted to any need. There is nothing more expressive and authentic than good lettering.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my sign painting journey here.

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