The questionnaire below is designed to capture important information about your desired brand identity. When filled out completely, it would reveal a rather detailed creative brief that acts as the foundation of your branding system.

Remember, you don't have to answer every question. The more you fill in, the more precise your brand identity will be.


example - Specialty coffee roasters in Paris, delivering bulk coffee to coffeeshops and home coffee brewers. Focusing on fairtrade coffee bean imports from African countries.
example - be the no.1 provider of .. in your city // become national market leader in country
example - be the most loved coffeeshop in the neighborhood // be the local go-to choice for Fairtrade chocolate
example - tablet users 15-45yo // young moms (22-32 years old) living in urban area // 50yo+ motorcycle riders living in suburban areas //
example - we deliver food exclusively in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging // we use only locally-sourced products // we have cheaper prices
example - funny, casual vocabulary (even slang), colorful // serious, informative, academic vocabulary


adjectives that you think your brand should resonate with: funny, honest, cheerful, loud // serious, sober, monochromatic // diverse, multicultural // generous, select, classy, premium
you can add links here! social pages, logos, product photos, whatever you feel relevant to your branding project
example - we are fueled by love for our planet and on a mission to improve the future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren
example - many companies are moving towards electric vehicles or bicycle couriers
you can add links to images here and explain if you want something included in your branding


example - our ideal client is a stay-home dad working in IT, likes gadgets and is a big Sci-Fi fan // families without children, traveling a lot and like fine dining
Bucharest / small cities / metropolis / villages / close to a beach / etc.
bike / car / plane on holiday / train commute to work etc.
example - 1-week escapes to tropical paradises, 5* hotels etc.
sports / painting / artistic / music concerts / karaoke etc.


we can pay between 400 and 3800 EUR and we expect to use this identity for at least 5-8 years.
identity » logo + variations, typography (fonts), colors, auxiliary design elements strategy » mission, vision, values, positioning statement, tagline/motto, image style, tone of voice, vocabulary, communication channels print » business cards, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, pens, stickers, packaging, agendas, cups, T-shirts, badges, brochures etc. digital » website, presentation decks, social media post templates, avatars, cover photos, banners, email signatures etc.

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